Cotswolds Distillery Dry Gin 750ml
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Cotswolds Distillery Dry Gin


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Category Gin
Origin United Kingdom, England
Brand Cotswolds Distillery
Alcohol/vol 46%
Our Cotswolds Dry Gin has a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals. The expression of the traditional London dry style comes from the maceration into our pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root, which have been left for 12 hours to allow their flavour characteristics to fully infuse. We then add our unique botanical mix of Cotswolds lavender and bay leaf, grapefruit, lime, black pepper and cardamom seed into our bespoke Holstein pot still for distillation before finishing with naturally refined Cotswolds water. The result is a classic well-balanced juniper-led gin with crisp citrus and spice. This gin is delicious on its own and over ice. It's robust enough to stand up to tonic and smooth enough to craft the ultimate gin martini.

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