Domaine Pierre Gelin Fixin 2019 750ml
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Domaine Pierre Gelin Fixin 2019


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Category Red Wine
Origin France, Burgundy, Fixin
Brand Domaine Pierre Gelin
Alcohol/vol 14.15%
Wines from Fixin are typified by their robust, tannic, and sometimes "sauvage" character. Soils towards the bottom of the hill tend to be a deeper and heavier mixture of limestone mixed with clay where wines tend to be beefy and a bit rougher. The premier crus sit further up the hill on homogenous brown limestone and often display more minerality and finesse. Red Burgundy might be the world's most flexible food wine. The wine's high acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, and low tannins make it very food friendly. Red Burgundy, with its earthy and sometimes gamey character, is a classic partner to roasted game birds, grilled duck breast, and dishes that feature mushrooms, black truffles, or are rich in umami.

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