Zafra Master Reserve 21 year old 750ml
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Zafra Master Reserve 21 year old


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Category Rum
Origin Panama
Brand Zafra
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Zafra Master Reserve 21 is the first to pay tribute to this time-honored tradition. "From A to Zafra" - this rum embodies the complete story of rum, from the harvest through the fermentation, distillation, aging and blending and finally the hands of the discerning customer. Captivating iridescent, dark amber color with copper and mahogany hues, magnifying and refracting the faintest ray of light into a shimmering frenzy. The aromas transports one to a rum cellar filled with the essence of oak that only careful and prolonged aging can extract from the casks. The presence is oak in the nose is proportional to the age of the rum, one balanced perfectly with fruit and spice, resulting in an elegant and inviting aroma.The rum opens up exceedingly smooth on the palate, where every olfactory component's presence is confirmed and developed further. The oak is sweet, assertive, yet not dominating; the fruit and spice elements unfold to reveal very mild traces of currants, pears and apricots, caressed with a gentle touch of vanilla and nutmeg. All elements collaborate seamlessly to engage and reward the senses. The rum's smoothness is remarkable when considering it does not rely on sweetness to cover any imperfections (of which there are none).

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