James Mitchell Cabernet Sauvignon
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James Mitchell Cabernet Sauvignon


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Produced from fruit grown, managed and harvested by James Mitchell viticulture and winemaking teams. Approachable but substantive, featuring ripe, lush fruit flavors with a touch of oak. Wine as real as Lodi - rugged, bold and honest. We harvest at night as the Delta breezes come up and sort through the vineyard to make sure only the cleanest grapes grow in the winery. We ferment in stainless steel at 84°F for about 12 days, then leave the wine on the skins, tasting at least twice a day to ensure the right texture and tannin levels before pressing. For aging, we use both stainless steel (for freshness) and French and American oak barrels. We like combining white oak species - the French is elegant, tighter grained and spicy, while the American is vanilla, brown sugar and toast. After 12 months, we finalize the blend, adding Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Merlot and a touch of Malbec.