TY KU Silver Premium Junmai Sake 720ml
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TY KU Silver Premium Junmai Sake


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Category Junmai
Origin Japan
Brand TY KU
Alcohol/vol 15%
TY KU Sake is exceptionally refined and smooth, uniting floral notes with banana and vanilla. Extremely delicate yet rich and supple; hints of spice permeate. TY KU Sake captivates even the most discerning palate with complex layers of soft citrus. Winner of the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition and the only beverage in the world ever bestowed with the prestigious 6 Star Diamond Award. Painstakingly handmade and bottled in small batches - making production quantities extremely limited. Crafted with the world's finest 100% pure all natural ingredients - rice, water, yeast and koji, TY KU is produced using traditional Japanese brewing techniques under the watchful eye of the most decorated sakemaster (toji) in all of Japan, Yoishio Koizumi. Within the walls of a revered sakery over 2,000 years old, the toji oversees the final selection for bottling to ensure only the absolute highest quality sake earns the ability to be called TY KU.

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