Sauza Conmemorativo Anejo

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Sauza Conmemorativo Anejo

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A naturally golden Anejo (aged) Tequila, Conmemorativo gets its powerful and intense taste and subtle color from 18 months in oak Bourbon casks. Because of its distinctive flavor, Conmemorativo is more suited to those consumers who prefer a stronger tequila or more for the robust margarita and cocktail recipes. Color: Genuine gold. Aroma: A harmonious blend of citrus, pepper, salt brine, caramel and toasted oak. Body: Full, round and smooth. Taste: Classic oak-aged Tequila; smooth vanilla and authentic agave. Finish: Smooth vanilla sweetness in balance with light citrus, oak and a salty tingle.
Category Anejo
Region Mexico
Brand Sauza
Alcohol/vol 38%
Proof 76.00
  • we80-84

Wine EnthusiastInitial whiffs detect textile and waxy notes upfront and deeper notes of butter and vegetable oil that seem to underpin the beeswax scent. Palate entry is mildly sweet and caramel-like, but without much of an agave personality; by midpalate, the spice element recedes, leaving behind a spirit that's drinkably average. There's no edge to it.

September 1, 2008