Now that summer is in full swing, we're thinking BBQ! Whether you're grilling with the family on the weekends, attending a neighbor's party or just picking up some local fare (Shout out to our neighbors, Memphis Mae's!), We've got a wine that will pair with whatever you're smoking, roasting or grilling. Whoever said you can't drink red wine in the summer was so wrong! Check out what we like to drink with our BBQ, here! Cheers!

North Carolina
Vinegar Based- Tempranillo

North Carolina is famous for their tangy, acidic BBQ. To match the bright flavors of this vinegar based BBQ, we love a firm tempranillo, such as Viridiana from Spain. Juicy with aromas of rapberry, cherry and smoke, leading to sleek minerality and flavors of fruit preserves. Long finish with subtle tannins.
Viridiana Ribera del Duero 2012

Viridiana Ribera del Duero 2012




South Carolina
Mustard Based- Pinot Noir

The spicy mustard based style hailing from South Carolina makes us yearn for a lighter, fruity red. We love Jelu Pinot Noir from Argentina. Showcasing aroma of plum and traces of thyme, this pinot is juicy and balanced with acidity and rich minerality- making it the perfect pair to mustard based BBQ sauces.
Jelu Pinot Noir 2012

Jelu Pinot Noir 2012

Medium red in color. The nose shows sweet blueberry and plum aromas with a hint of wild thyme. Juicy plum and and mulberry flavors are balanced by fresh acidity with with rich mineral notes coming ... more




Saint Louis
Tomato Based- Merlot

If you're in the mood for grilling and slopping, Saint Louis style BBQ is where it's at! With a sweeter, thicker tomato based sauce, we think balance is key. Which is why we love Kenwood's Jack London Merlot. Flavorful with notes of plum, allspice and vanilla, this gem is full bodied with firm tannins and a long slightly smokey finish that works well with sweet spices.
Kenwood Jack London Merlot 2011

Kenwood Jack London Merlot 2011

Flavorful aromas of plum and fig combine with delicate hints of allspice and vanilla. A full bodied wine with structured tannins and a long excellent finish. more




Kansas City
Molasses Based- Light Style Blend

Like its state neighbor, Saint Louis, Kansas City boasts a style that's thick and sweet. Built on molasses, Kansas City BBQ isn't too particular about what protein you're slathering. To balance out the rich BBQ, we opt for a lighter style red blend. Our pick: Bodegas Atalaya Laya Red Blend from Almansa, Span. Made up of garnacha, tintorera and monastrell, this blend has a smokey nose, pepper and bright fruit on the palate and a long finish with chewy tannins.
Bodegas Atalaya Laya 2013

Bodegas Atalaya Laya 2013

Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell grapes come from vineyards situated in Almansa, between 700 and 1000 meters of altitude, planted in sandy soils with a high lime concentration in the base. The grapes are separately fermented ... more




Dry Rub Ribs- Petite Syrah

When it comes to Memphis BBQ, go big or go home! Memphis ribs are typically dry rubbed and then smoked for that fall off the bone perfection. No sauce needed here, but we do love a delicious Petite Syrah to make this spicy-smokey style. Bushwood Petite Sirah opens with floral notes of blueberry and bing cherry, progressing with spicy hints of black pepper and blackberry. The finish is full with sage, peppercorn and clove.
Bushwood Estate Petite Sirah 2012

Bushwood Estate Petite Sirah 2012

The first thing to notice with this wine is the intensely garnet to violet hues that are very dark and the hallmark that Petite Sirah is known for. The wine has a rich and complex ... more




Dry Rub Beef- Monastrell

Like Memphis, leave the sauce at home! Texas is all about that salt and pepper seasoned and smoked beef. To stand up to the king of proteins we like a full Monastrell. Our go to is Macho Man Monastrell- red and black fruit with a note of balsamic. Culminating in a finish full of texture, tannins and smoke, this bottle makes us reach for a second helping.
Casa Rojo Macho Man Monastrell 2012

Casa Rojo Macho Man Monastrell 2012

Sight: Intense garnet colour with cover layer and purple glints. Nose: This wine shows, in the first instance, red and black fruit with mineral and balsamic notes. Palate: It comes in fresh and silky, leaves ... more